Seminar: Helping Your Child Excel at a Musical Instrument

Ruth Roland, the Strings Coordinator for the Music Tree Preparatory School, will present the discussion Helping Your Child Excel at a Musical Instrument Tuesday, November 6 at 7 p.m. The seminar will be open to all current and prospective Music Tree parents.

The seminar is based on Helping Parents Practice: Ideas for Making it Easier by Edmund Sprunger, a renowned violin teacher and psychotherapist. A former student of Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki, Suzuki Methodâ„¢ originator, Edmund Sprunger has taught violin for more than 20 years, including over 300 workshops and master classes throughout North America, South America, and Europe; and is a Registered Teacher Trainer with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Ruth will lead the group on an interactive presentation that will include:

  • How to practice with your child (3 levels of supervision for any age)
  • How to have more pleasant practices
  • Typical problems and how to handle them
  • Fun and games for all age students
  • Resource lists for non-fiction and fiction books as well as websites and recordings
  • And much more!

There is no charge for this presentation, and questions and feedback are welcome throughout.

Please RSVP for the presentation so we can prepare enough materials. You can send a response to, call 654-1271, or leave a message through our Facebook page.

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