Tuition Payment Policy

Tuition Payment Policy
Spring 2019


There are 3 options for tuition payment for the Spring semester:

(1)Full payment

  • this can be made by check, cash, or through Paypal on our ¬†website.


(2) Two equal payments or four equal payments made by:

  • Initial payment followed by auto-withdrawal payments
  • Initial payment followed by post-dated check(s)

If you will be choosing the auto-withdrawal option, a voided check will be needed at the time the form is completed; please be sure to have one with you.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or a need to make arrangements that differ from these options. The changes in this policy will ensure that tuition payments are set, one way or the other, at the beginning of the semester. I do have, and will continue to have, alternative payment options for several of our families, and remain open to making sure you have an option that works for your family budget.

Dr. Thais Perkins
Music Tree Prep
(225) 276-1675 (personal cell)
(225) 658-8526 (home phone) (private business email)

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