Music Tree offers Chamber Groups and string coaching

Music Tree Chamber Groups is a new opportunity to work with highly credentialed string coaches in group settings.

Chamber Group specifics:

  • Small groups of three to six musicians
  • Group rehearsals and performances
  • Regular meeting time convenient to all members
  • Personalized coaching by highly-credentialed faculty
  • Open to any instruments or voice parts
  • Opportunities for touring, performances, and competitions
  • A cost of $300 per student for ten 45-minute coaching sessions

Chamber music is written for a small group of instruments and voices—traditionally a group that could fit in a palace chamber or large room. We’d love for your young musician to have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with other students in organized chamber groups.

Chamber work teaches vital music-related skills like listening, leading, and following. These are important life skills as well! It’s also extremely rewarding and enjoyable.

Interested students should register online here. Please include your availability in the last comment box (“List instructors…”). You will be matched with other players and a coach. You may request to be teamed with specific players and coaches, but everything is contingent on scheduling. This term started September 10th. Late applicants who apply as individuals (not groups) will be placed in existing ensembles according to availability.

Meet our string coaching faculty

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