Festival, band leader brings ‘Music Clubhouse’ to lineup

Local band and music festival ‘energy force’ Adrian Percy will collaborate with the Music Tree Preparatory School to offer an exciting new program to the not-so-young, but young-at-heart musicians who want the excitement and comradery of playing with other adult musicians. The Music Clubhouse: No Kids Allowed will be offered on a limited basis for the Fall 2019. At 6:30 on Thursday evenings, adults who want to play in a band, or those who want to just play music with other adults, will convene in the ‘clubhouse,’ located at 4833 Church Street in Zachary.

Picture of Clubhouse leader Adrian Percy
Adrian Percy

Percy, who runs the Tunica Hills Music Festival, will serve as instructor and facilitator. He is a member of the Fugitive Poets and has played in a variety of bands for 40 years and is the founder and director of the Jam Camp at the Songbird Music School in St. Francisville. Percy said his philosophy of music centers around making lifelong connections between people and music. “Music should be easy and open to all and, most importantly, music should be fun,” he said.

Weekly sessions will involve some ‘jamming’ and improvisation but will focus on always learning new tunes and improving skills – gaining experience playing with others in a band setting. The sessions will have the feel of a weekly band practice. The participants, not the instructors, will choose the songs to play at the appropriate skill level of the participants.

Percy said the program is designed to raise skill levels, but, more importantly, be enjoyable. “It’s going to be fun,” he said. “Kinda like Garage Band for adults!”

The course of instruction will include:

  • The basics of how to ‘jam’ with other musicians
  • Organizing a band
  • How to easily and quickly move keys to better fit the ‘singer’ or instrumentation

Music Clubhouse participants will be adults (seniors welcomed) at all skill levels from advanced beginner (participants should be able to play an instrument not needing instruction). All instruments are welcomed including guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, fiddle/violin, sax, vocals, and more. The 11-week course will cost $275/per participant.

For more information about Music Clubhouse or to reserve one of the limited spots, call 225-654-1271, send an email to musictreeprep@gmail.com, or complete an online registration form.

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