Express your unique time signature at Dave Camp!

Do you love to write your own music? Calling all middle and high school students who are budding songwriters and composers – join us for Dave Camp! Baton Rouge’s own Dave Hinson brings students together to create and perform original tunes. A classically trained bassist, Hinson has a passion for bringing people together to make music.

His extensive teaching and professional resume includes 25 years with the Baton Rouge Symphony and work for the East Baton Rouge Talented Music Program. We can promise you good times and plenty of inspiration. June 18-24. Call the Music Tree at 654-1271 or register online now.

More on Dave Hinson:

Festival, heart strings pull Hinson back to Zachary

Dave Hinson has played everything from punk rock to classical music all over the continent, but when he evaluated Brailyn King during a mid-March music festival, he was back at Square One: Zachary, music and the diverse world of string engagement.

Hinson, a 1988 graduate of Zachary High, gave King, a violinist attending Zachary High, the guidance and perspective she will need to conquer music and other life challenges.

Hinson and Kelly Smith-Toney served as judges and evaluators for the inaugural Music Tree Strings Festival, an opportunity for violin, cello and viola students to prepare a short program and receive a professional, but friendly, evaluation. For Hinson, it was an opportunity to come full-circle in his music career that is rooted in Zachary.

“I really did a lot of the same work that these kids are doing when I was in high school,” Hinson said. “When I came to high school, I really began to do serious music work as a student by taking lessons and being involved in youth orchestra and the band — whatever the community offered.”

Hinson said he feels fortunate his parents encouraged music participation, in and outside of school. “The community was good because there were good institutions here,” he said. “There was a good band, there was a good jazz band; and while there wasn’t a string orchestra, there was the Louisiana Youth Orchestra and they had a lot of participants from this community, and we would all ride up there together and practice together.” (Read full article in The Advocate)

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